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“Ode to Bánh mì Sandwiches” with Yukiyo Kawano & Yu Te


We will learn about the history of Bánh mì in SE Asia and Portland, how it’s evolved over time, and how Yukiyo and Yu have adapted their own versions. Register by 3/26 to receive the recipe in advance along with a list of places to shop for baguettes and other ingredients , including An Xuyên which has a historic connection to the Hollywood neighborhood! We may also have some ingredient kits available for pick up or delivery. At the workshop, we’ll each have a chance to make our own "ode to the Bánh mì", and enjoy our sandwiches together while we talk.

Meet the Chef!

Yuki was born in Hiroshima, Japan. She began to develop a passion for art as a small child. Yuki drew and painted often, and was invested in the culture of Japanese comic styles, or manga. As an immigrant to America, she experienced being a racial minority. “For the first time, I was realizing who I am,” she said. “I realized, ‘Oh, I’m a descendent of survivors.’” Yuki started finding friends who have similar backgrounds and finding their cousin.

Now living in NE Portland, she shops in Vietnamese Asian grocery stores and tries to bring the gentle and authentic Asian test that she discovered living in Portland on her dinner table. Today, Yuki will share her dishes that she cooks regularly. "Though my cooking is sort of morphing constantly and becoming more hybrid." There is always a hint of Japanese taste in her global dishes.

“Ode to Bánh mì Sandwiches” with Yukiyo Kawano & Yu Te

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