As a public lending library for kitchen tools that opened in August of 2013 at Leaven Community, 5431 NE 20th Ave, Kitchen Share NE has been a community resource dedicated to promoting sustainability, equity and self-sufficiency for residents of North and Northeast Portland. We've strived to build community through the sharing of tools, traditions, skills and food. Going beyond the neighborly cup of sugar, Kitchen Share NE has been a place for community members to borrow equipment and share in the joy of processing, preserving, and serving food. We have offered dehydrators, canning equipment, ice-cream makers, juicers, mixers, bread makers, and more.  

Check out the inventory list and current information at https://kitchensharene.myturn.com/library.

Are you a resident of SE Portland? Check out our sister kitchen tool library here.

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More about Kitchen Tool Libraries

What is a Kitchen Tool Library?

A kitchen tool library is a place where community members can borrow kitchen equipment, like juicers, food dehydrators, food processors, and more.

Kitchen tool libraries typically operate on a low-membership-fee or donation basis and are available to all residents of the neighborhood in which the library is located.

Why are they important?

We believe that cooking healthy food should be affordable and practical. We believe that access to well-equipped spaces is a basic requirement of a just, democratic food system. We envision communities free from hunger, with basic cooking, meal-planning, and grocery-buying skills so that everyone can prepare healthy meals.

Interested in getting involved?

Kitchen Share NE is entirely volunteer run, and relies heavily on membership contributions. We need your help in keeping this resource available to our community. There are several key ways you can get involved with Kitchen Share NE; donation of kitchen items, donation of funds, and volunteering. Send us an email at kitchensharene@gmail.com with any questions.

To donate funds to Kitchen Share NE, click the donate button below and select 'Kitchen Share NE Kitchen Tool Library' from the options drop down.

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