Local Food Justice Organizations

There are a number of food justice organizations doing meaningful work throughout the region. Learn more by looking through the list below!
Gardening FocusedFood DistributionCooking FocusedFood BusinessFarmers and MarketsFood Policy Education
Sourcing Local Food

Growing Food and/or Gardening Focused

People gathered in a garden

Gleaning, Food Distribution, Meal Programs

Cooking Focused

Food Business Development

Farmers, Farmworkers, Farmers Markets

  • Portland Area Community Supported Agriculture Coalition: An organization with a network of CSAs, supporting area  farmers and fostering a local food economy. Website includes a CSA directory to for eaters to find a farm to connect with and buy from.
  • Rogue Farm Corps: Training the next generation of commercial family farmers in oregon. 
  • PCUN: Oregon’s Farmerworker Union (Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste)
  • Farmers Market Fund: Works to make healthy, locally grown food accessible to underserved Oregonian through SNAP-match efforts at farmers markets and other collaborations. 
  • Oregon Farmers Market Association: Includes a directory to find a market near you. 

Food Policy/ Advocacy/Networking/Education

Food Cooperatives, Buying Clubs, Sourcing Local Food

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