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How to Start a Community Kitchen

Interested in starting a community kitchen? There is no cookie-cutter approach, but there are many resources and guides to help get you started including the ones below. Kitchen Commons can assist communities and leaders in all aspects of getting a kitchen up and running: kitchen envisioning (if you are already associated with a kitchen location), finding a location (if you have an interested group but no kitchen space), connecting with local food, securing seed funding, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Contact for more information including upcoming training opportunities.

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Register a Kitchen

Often when people learn about Kitchen Commons, one of the first questions is, “So, where’s the community kitchen?” While we work toward our vision for a dedicated community kitchen in every neighborhood, the answer is: “Where ever you are!” Kitchen Commons supports a network of community kitchen partners working to open up and fully utilize existing kitchen resources in congregations, community centers and schools. If you are involved with an organization that has a kitchen with opportunity for community use e-mail with the address, contact information, capacity, rental cost, and any other details about your kitchen.

Current Partner Kitchens

Hollywood Senior Center
(NE 40th & Sandy in the Hollywood neighborhood)

An amazing organization and host for the monthly Accessible Community Kitchen since the fall of 2013, as well as our very first Harvest Dinner in 2012.

Seniors cooking together.
People gathered around the table together.

Leaven Community Center
(NE 20th & Killingsworth in the Vernon neighborhood)

We love Leaven! This church transformed into a community center is doing something truly unique, and the kitchen is part of that growing vision.

Luther Memorial Church
(NE 72nd & Wygant in the Cully neighborhood)

Luther has been the gracious and enthusiastic host for our bilingual Cocina Comunitaria de Cully since summer, 2015 and also provides a home to the Northeast Emergency Food Program which partners on this Community Kitchen.

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