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Thank you for your interest in serving as a Kitchen Commons intern! Current postings for internship roles will be listed on the blog page here.

We also encourage you to get involved as a volunteer or consider serving on the board of directors. If you’d like to propose an internship, volunteer role or student project that would help you meet your learning goals and support Kitchen Commons, fill out our Interest Form.

Join the Board

Help Kitchen Commons connect kitchen resources with community need by joining our Board of Directors! If you have 5 hours per month to contribute for at least one year, a passion for improving access to healthy food, and skills to contribute in the areas such as fundraising and finances, non-profit and board development, or community outreach and events, please consider becoming part of the Board.  Click here to learn more!

Volunteers and members of Kitchen Commons having fun together.

Volunteer Roles

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Committees & Other Roles

Program Committee

As a Program Committee member, you’ll help to provide vision, planning and evaluation for our community kitchen and food justice projects, with the opportunity to get hands on with one or more programs of your choice. Whether it’s working helping an established or emerging community kitchen, helping plan and lead a Kitchen Leader Training, supporting a Food Justice Workshop, or researching options for sourcing ingredients, the Program Committee has a role for you.

Raising the Dough (Development) Committee

Let’s get cooking! All our projects take both people and money to succeed. Whether you’re an experienced fundraiser or want to learn the ins and outs of resource development, join this committee to have fun and raise some dough in support of a culture of cooking in Portland. Some specific projects we are looking for help with right now are setting up some restaurant percent of sales fundraising nights, other business donor outreach, developing our program for monthly sustaining donors, leadership for our summer and fall fundraising events, and of course, researching and writing grant applications.

Community Kitchen Coordinators

Each of our active Community Kitchens locations (Leaven, Cully, Hollywood) could use co-leaders, and there is potential for new groups in SE Portland and other locations with your leadership!

Ongoing Opportunities for involvement

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People cooking togetherGroup cooking together.

Stone Soup Sustainers

In the parable of Stone Soup, a delicious and nourishing meal for a whole village is created through each person contributing a simple ingredient or seasoning. Kitchen Commons is a true grassroots community effort, and our Stone Soup Sustainers bring essential ingredients to our mission of fostering community kitchens and leaders. No one can do it all alone, but as a community we are able to feed ourselves and our neighbors.

Stone Soup Sustainers give through automatic monthly recurring donations, creating essential and reliable support for Kitchen Commons and making it easy for you to contribute. Whether an onion or some chanterelles are in your budget, it is so important to have a broad base of community support from many people at many levels.

Your contributions as a Stone Soup Sustainer make it possible for Kitchen Commons to chart our own course to food justice, led and driven by the people most affected by the problems. We can create something amazing and impactful through the resources we bring to the table together.

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